If You Don't Know Anything About Computers Whatsoever, Start Here!

Who Would Benefit From the CompTIA ITF+?

  • Students & career changers considering a future working in IT.

  • Professionals working in fields that require a broad understanding of IT.

  • Marketing, sales & operations staff in IT-based organizations.

ITF+ Course Curriculum

    1. My Background & How I Got Started in I.T.

    2. CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Objectives

    3. CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Acronyms

    4. CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Virtual Labs

    5. CompTIA Practice Exams

    1. How to Schedule Your Exam at a Pearson Vue Testing Center

    1. Test Your Current Knowledge

    1. 1.1 Notational Systems

    2. Decimal to Binary to Hexadecimal Conversions

    3. QUIZ: Notational Systems

    4. 1.2 Data Types

    5. QUIZ: Data Types

    6. 1.3 Basics of Computing & Processing

    7. QUIZ: Basics of Computing & Processing

    8. 1.4 Value of Data & Information

    9. QUIZ: Value of Data & Information

    10. 1.5 Units of Measure

    11. QUIZ: Units of Measure

    12. 1.6 Troubleshooting Methodology

    13. QUIZ: Troubleshooting Methodology

    1. 2.1 Input/Output Device Interfaces

    2. QUIZ: Input/Output Device Interfaces

    3. 2.2 Peripheral Devices

    4. QUIZ: Peripheral Devices

    5. 2.3 Internal Computing Components

    6. QUIZ: Internal Computing Components

    7. 2.4 Internet Service Types

    8. QUIZ: Internet Service Types

    9. 2.5 Storage Types

    10. QUIZ: Storage Types

    11. 2.6 Computing Devices

    12. QUIZ: Computing Devices

    13. 2.7 Basic Networking Concepts

    14. QUIZ: Basic Networking Concepts

    15. 2.8 Basic Wireless Network

    16. QUIZ: Basic Wireless Network

    17. How the Internet Works in Your House

    1. 3.1 Operating Systems

    2. QUIZ: Operating Systems

    3. 3.2 Components of an Operating System

    4. QUIZ: Components of an Operating System

    5. 3.3 Purpose & Proper Use of Software

    6. QUIZ: Purpose & Proper Use of Software

    7. 3.4 Application Architecture & Delivery Models

    8. QUIZ: Application Architecture & Delivery Models

    9. 3.5 Web Browsers

    10. QUIZ: Web Browsers

    11. 3.6 General Application Concepts & Uses

    12. QUIZ: General Application Concepts & Uses

IT Fundamentals FC0-U61

  • $160.00
  • Detailed Lectures & Notes
  • 20 Virtual IT Lab Simulators
  • Tons of Quizzes & Practice Exams

What Skills Will You Learn?

  • You'll be able to comprehend notational systems, illustrate the basics of computing & explain the value of data and troubleshooting.

  • You'll learn how to set up & install common peripheral devices to a laptop/PC & secure a basic wireless network.

  • You'll learn how to manage application software, understand the various components of an operating system & explain the purpose of methods of application architecture.

  • You'll be able to comprehend programming language categories, interpret logic, & understand the purpose of programming concepts.

  • You'll be able to explain database concepts, structures, & purposes, as well as understanding methods used to interface a database.

  • You'll understand confidentiality, integrity, & availability concerns of secure devices and best practice methods.

Student Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    This course is 100% self-paced & 100% on-demand. You will have 4 months access to the training materials. The overwhelming majority of students finish this course in about 30 days then go on to successfully pass their CompTIA ITF+ certification exam with flying colors.

  • Is the CompTIA ITF+ exam voucher included in the course price?

    No. The exam voucher is sold separately. You can purchase discounted exam vouchers by clicking the link at the very top of this page titled VOUCHERS.

  • What are the virtual IT lab simulators?

    The virtual IT lab simulators are web-based applications to simulate real, hands-on experiences to reinforce the topics you will be learning. You do not have to download or install anything. All you need is a computer & an Internet connection. You will have access to the simulators for 12 full months. Once you purchase the course, information to gain access the labs will be emailed to you.

  • What's the best way to get in contact with you if I have questions?

    My email: TechGeeClass@gmail.com

  • What's your refund policy?

    The study materials are digital products. The digital products are intangible & are deemed “used” once a purchase is made to gain access to the study materials. Therefore, purchases of study materials are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.